Brandy Berry

Certified Pediaswim Instructor at Early Learning Swim Academy, located in Cocoa and Rockledge, Florida.

Experience and background


Hi there! My name is Brandy Berry, and I have worked over fifteen years as a registered nurse to women and infants. My passion for providing exceptional care to my special little patients has given me a broad foundation for the value of saving lives. I have a uniquely astute intuition, and have been known to notice the subtlest of details. I have always been fascinated by the abilities that infants and children are truly capable of. Being able to form a connection with, and gently gaining the trust of a child, will help me to help them.

Living in a state where water is everywhere, the heartbreaking articles of accidental drownings are constant. As a fellow mother, this was also one of my worst fears, but at the time, I can say I also did not think it could happen to me. Drownings happen to other people.  I have since learned that this is not the case, and that I was, in fact, among the lucky families. I did take swim lessons seriously, and eventually my daughter became a great swimmer, but initially she was at much greater risk than I realized.

 The affected families live every parent's worst nightmare, with the most devastating part being that these tragedies could be prevented. Time and again I would see these stories, and even witnessed the terror of a family near and dear to my own heart, when their sweet four year old quietly slipped back out to the pool area after the family had come in from playing. This happened to a particular mother who makes being a "Super mom" look effortless. It drove home the fact that, if it can happen to her, it can happen to anyone. I was compelled to learn more of the techniques of survival swimming, and was blown away when I experienced firsthand the systematic approach that effectively teaches a child to respect and safely enjoy the water, as years of evidence has proven. 

There is nothing like seeing a child’s face go from fearful apprehension to a big smile beaming with pride! They work hard and gain the skills of learning to be an independent swimmer, while receiving the added benefits of lifesaving skills, excitement, and fun along the way! 

I completed my PediaSwim Academy professional training with Joy McGinty at Southwest Aquatics to become a certified swim instructor for infants and children. I have been BLS certified by the American Heart Association since 2004. It will be such a pleasure to not only teach your child, but also follow up with refreshers and watch them and their siblings grow. I look forward to meeting you and your little swimmers! 
Brandy in her role as Maternal Newborn Nurse

Brandy in her other role as a Maternal Newborn Nurse